The Chick Indexer Sub System (ISS) combines the productivity and versatility of the Multi-Lok with a 4th axis rotary table thereby converting a vertical machining centre to work like a horizontal providing: Obtain the benefits of a horizontal CNC machine on a vertical CNC machine, by using CHICK’s Indexer Subsystem (ISS).  The ISS gives you the ability to machine on mulitple part sides with only one clamping, thereby decreasing the cycle time and increasing accuracy of your part.

Selling New & Used Centroid  CNC Mills, Lathes , Vises and Pallet Changers since 1995!

We have new and used Chick Multiloks , 4" and 6" , as well as Chick Vises available.  Some jaws and accessories.  If you do not see what you need here email or call and check with us.

New Chick5ML 1550-50 Multi LokUsed Chick 5ML 1550-50 Multi Loks   $ 7,200 In Like New Condition Chick 5ML 1550-50 Multi-Loks   $ 6,400 /ea (without jaws)  Two Available

YUASA SUDX 8" Chick Vise Tombstone ML-4 Rotary Table Sub System

New and Used Chick 5QL 1550-50-AL System 5 Vises

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